Any student, group of students, or student organization at Georgetown can submit a project proposal to SaxaFund. The SaxaFund Board will review all submissions and determine which projects meet our criteria. Learn more about the Board here.


SaxaFund considers the following criteria when reviewing project proposals:

  1. Groups submitting project proposals must be comprised entirely of Georgetown students.

  2. Project proposals must clearly improve or benefit Georgetown University or the wider Georgetown community.

  3. Project proposals must be detailed, specific, and well-planned. Proposals must clearly indicate how any money raised will be spent, including a plan for spending the money raised if the maximum fundraising goal isn't met. 

  4. One student or student group cannot fundraise for more than four separate projects on SaxaFund in a given school year, except for those in extenuating circumstances to be evaluated by the SaxaFund Board on a case-by-case basis.


These are additional SaxaFund policies to keep in mind as you consider submitting a project proposal:

  1. Projects actively fundraising on SaxaFund can be cancelled at any time during their duration at the discretion of the SaxaFund Board. 
  2. All funds raised via SaxaFund must be spent as promised in the project proposal.
  3. PayPal, which is used by SaxaFund to process donations, charges a mandatory 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction processing fee. 
  4. The student or group of students who submitted an approved project must, within two months of completing fundraising on SaxaFund, submit a detailed progress report explaining the impact of the funds on their project.

Questions, comments, concerns? Check out our FAQ list or email us at