SaxaFund Leadership

The SaxaFund Board is comprised of representatives from The Corp, GUASFCU, and GUSA, as well as alumni and faculty representatives. The Board is responsible for reviewing and approving project proposals.

The SaxaFund Executive Committee is the team of students responsible for SaxaFund's day-to-day operations. Feel free to contact the Executive Committee at

The Board



Phil is the Co-Founder of MISFIT Juicery and Ann’s best friend. Phil's passionate about the connection between environmental and social justice. He has spent time in Rwanda and Senegal, both of which were integral to MISFIT’s beginnings. Phil’s a Halcyon Fellow and graduated in 2015 from Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service with a BSFS in Science, Technology, and International Affairs. He also likes doing things outside and eating granola but rarely combines the two.

Ann is the Co-Founder of MISFIT Juicery and Phil’s best friend. She loves people. She is also a co-collaborator of Pineapple DC, a community for women in food that seeks to connect the good food movement with the foodie movement. She previously has worked for Social Tables and the Millennial Trains Project. Ann graduated in May 2016 from Georgetown University with B.S. in Culture and Politics from the Walsh School of Foreign Service. She is a Gates Millennium Scholar and originally hails from Boulder, Colorado.



George J. Peacock graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences in 1984.  While a student at Georgetown, he worked at the Yates Field House, drove a GUTS bus, and sang with the Georgetown Chimes. Upon graduation, George worked as a staff member for the Georgetown University Alumni Association for several years, assisting regional alumni club volunteers and working on the Annual Fund, after which he entered the financial services industry.

A 28-year financial veteran, he currently serves as a Principle at Compendium Finance. George is a long-time Georgetown volunteer. After leaving the Alumni Association as staff, he became active in the Alumni Club of Washington, DC, serving as Treasurer for 10 years and President for two terms. He has been a member of the Board of Governors since 2005 and has served as Chairman of the Communications and Technology Committee and a Vice Chairman of the Audit & Finance Committee. He is also a recipient of the Alumni Association’s William Gaston Alumni Award for outstanding service. He served as president of the GUAA from 2014-2016. He increased the strength of the alumni network, particularly as it relates to how alumni can use their experiences and positions in life to assist students and recent graduates. He lives in Washington, DC with his four children, Duncan (C'16), June, Hayley and Mackenzie.


Students of Georgetown, Inc., commonly known as “The Corp”, is a public, non-profit, and charitable organization at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. It consists of seven subsidiary companies generating annual revenues in excess of $5 million. Only undergraduate students of Georgetown University work as employees or sit as members of The Corp’s Board of Directors, distinguishing business operations at The Corp from other student-run companies. The Corp's representative on the SaxaFund Board is Alex Gong.


GUSA is recognized as the official voice of students to the University administration and the greater community and is a democratic student government that works to resolve common student problems, advocate for the inclusion of students in University processes, and make student life at Georgetown the best it can be. GUSA is led by the Executive, which consists of a president, a vice president, and about 60 cabinet and staff members. The Senate is GUSA's legislative branch, powered by 28 senators and additional staff. Many other students are involved with GUSA as members of various committees, working groups, and commissions. GUSA's representative on the SaxaFund Board is Naba Rahman.


GUASFCU is the largest entirely student-run financial institution in the world. GUASFCU's mission is to grant credit for provident and productive purposes, to provide affordable financial services to its members, and to educate its members and volunteers about the credit union movement through practical business experience. Everyone from GUASFCU's tellers to CEO are undergraduate Georgetown students. It was founded to provide affordable, accessible and convenient banking services to Hoyas, and nearly 35 years later, over 60% of Hoya students choose GUASFCU. GUASFCU's representative on the SaxaFund Board is Gayatri Ohri.


Executive Director: Grace Perret 

Director of Operations: Michael Marsh

Director of Technology: Sam Hartmann

Director of Finance: Akash Kirpalani

Directors of Project Management: Eliza Lafferty and Jaydon Skinner

Director of Marketing: Lydia Franz