Beergarden Completed.jpg

Help revitalize the Leavey Esplanade! 

As part of the last Campus Plan, the Leavey Esplanade has been designated as an open container space for those over the age of 21. Since Fall 2017, the Esplanade has also been home to the new location of The Corp's Uncommon Grounds coffeeshop. Help us continue to revitalize the Esplanade as a hub of social life and community by funding a heat lamp, six beer hall tables from Oktoberfest, and a custom set of cornhole boards. 

Everyone who donates $17.89 or more to the fundraiser will have the opportunity for their net ID to be engraved on one of the beer hall tables.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We are currently working with Georgetown Student Centers to place the tables on the Esplanade and to ensure they meet University standards. Stay tuned for updates!!