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SaxaFund Director of Project Management Eliza Lafferty (COL ‘21) presents $1,670 raised via SaxaFund to Hoya Hub Co-Founder and Vice Chair Sam Dubke (SFS ‘21), Co-Founder and Chair Caroline Barnes (COL ‘18), and Vice Chair Julianne Licamele (COL ‘21) (Spring 2019).


 Food insecurity is, unfortunately, becoming a larger and larger problem among undergraduates on our campus. Our meal plans are becoming more expensive than many can afford and, as soon as they are allowed, students often opt out of them. The common misconception of this issue is that food insecurity is only a problem for students who are from low-income backgrounds, are unemployed, seek financial aid, or are already on the campus meal plan, but in fact this issue is widespread. The Hoya Hub aims to provide a safe, comfortable, and sustainable space for Georgetown’s graduate and undergraduate population to access food resources. The pantry will be open to anyone who considers themselves food insecure at any moment at Georgetown, and we will not restrict access to any member of the student population. We will run and maintain a clean and functional space to the best of our ability in order to ensure that any student who needs the pantry will feel comfortable using it and aim to reduce the stigma associated with being food insecure.

Donations made through SaxaFund were used to create a clean, safe space to house Hoya Hub resources, including shelving and storage containers. Donations were also used to purchase non-perishable food items and grocery gift cards.

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Learn more about the Hoya Hub by visiting their website: https://www.hoyahub.org

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