Hoya Hub: Raised $1,670.00

Donations made through SaxaFund were used to create a clean, safe space to house Hoya Hub resources, including shelving and storage containers. Donations were also used to purchase non-perishable food items and grocery gift cards.

The Hoya Hub aims to provide a safe, comfortable, and sustainable space for Georgetown’s graduate and undergraduate population to access food resources. The pantry is open to anyone who considers themselves food insecure at any moment at Georgetown and access is not restricted for any member of the student population.


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Off-Campus Therapy Stipend: Raised $2,645.32

Donations to this project funded vital off-campus mental health services for seven Georgetown students during the 2018-2019 school year.

The Georgetown University Student Association (GUSA) is collaborated with University administrators and Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) to develop a stipend program for students with demonstrated financial need who seek off-campus mental health support. Funds were used to pilot the stipend program, which the University has now committed to funding long-term.

Access to off-campus services is extremely important for students whose needs extend beyond the short-term services provided by CAPS. Thank you for your donations!



Leavey Beergarden: Raised $1,552.44

Funds were used to purchase four German beerhall tables to be placed on the Leavey Esplanade as part of long-term efforts to revitalize the Esplanade as a social space. Students who donated $17.89 or more to this project will have their NetIDs etched into the tables. Members of the SaxaFund team are currently working with the Georgetown University Office of Student Centers to ensure the tables are placed securely on the Esplanade. Stay tuned for updates!

Leavey Esplanade.png


Tracing the 272: Raised $1,028.72

Donations to this project funded a week-long trip to Maringouin, Louisiana, during which Georgetown students from The Hoya, our campus newspaper, investigated the lives and legacies of the 272 slaves who were sold by Georgetown in 1838 and their descendants. The trip produced numerous essays, articles, and videos exploring the socioeconomic effects of the sale and connected our campus with the lives and stories of a community whose history is inextricably linked with our University. Thank you to those who donated and supported this important project!

Learn more about the trip and explore content produced by The Hoya’s team here.



Hilltop Compost: Raised $531.90

Donations to this project supported Hilltop Compost, a social venture founded and run by Georgetown students. Hilltop Compost provides a cheap, sustainable waste management alternative to groups in the Georgetown community.

In their first semester of fundraising, the Hilltop Compost team raised money to purchase their own compost bins, trolleys, signs, and uniforms, as well as to cover incorporation costs and a student stipend, in order to officially launch their independent venture in the Spring 2018 semester. They’re fundraising again in Spring 2019, so click below to learn more!

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We For She Dispensers: Raised $168.20

The We For She project seeks to install menstrual product dispensers in every public restroom on the Georgetown's campus.

The vast majority of restrooms at Georgetown don't offer menstrual hygiene products, for purchase or for free. Offering them for free in all campus restrooms would reduce a financial burden for many students, faculty, and staff decreasing the stressors that students face during instances of sudden need. Even more importantly, it would demonstrate respect for members of our community and visitors by providing a basic necessity.

The money raised through SaxaFund will fund resources for a pilot program as the first phase of a long-term program ensuring free products in every building on campus.