Alexander Brown/The Hoya

Alexander Brown/The Hoya


SaxaFund is a fundraising platform for student initiatives on the Hilltop. We connect creative student initiatives with alumni and community support in a clear and transparent fashion. 

SaxaFund is a collaborative project launched in 2017 by The Corp, GUASFCU, and GUSA . Together, we're reimagining how student initiatives are funded. As members of student-run organizations, we know firsthand how tough it is for students to find financial support for their ideas. With deeply-rooted legacies of service to the Georgetown community, we also know that many Georgetown alumni and community members have a unique desire to support students who are working towards improving the Hilltop. SaxaFund connects the two, bringing together different visions to animate the Georgetown community.




The Hoya Special Project: Tracing the 272

The Hoya seeks donations to fund a week-long trip to Maringouin, Louisiana, to do original investigative reporting into the lives of a community of descendants of the Georgetown 272...